SESYNC Community Collaborative Workspace

Welcome to the SESYNC Community Collaborative Workspace!  Once logged in, you will be able to access your group area, where you will find:

Upload, revise, and track documents

Your working group can upload a working document, track changes, and sync on-going changes directly to your desktop by simply dragging-and-dropping as many files as needed into a configurable monitored directory.  You can upload new versions of files and the newer file will automatically be versioned. Previous versions are still available.

Questions, polls, collaborative pages

Group members can ask questions for which answers can be submitted and voted on.  For making a choice between a number of possibilities, simple polls are also available.  Need a quick paragaph posted to be edited by multiple authors?  Pages can help you there.  Each group also has their own calendar for which events can be created.


Online chat, commenting, and email notifications help group members stay informed.

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